Memories of JP

Eiffel Tower, Paris
(c) Sonya, 2011

‘Remember Jean-Pierre?’

Camilla will use any excuse to mention JP – the crazy golf Paris section is one of the better ones. While her brats (wearing Stetsons why?) are trying to tear down the miniature Eiffel Tower, Cami loses herself in a JP memory.

‘I still haven’t seen anything sexier than Jean-Pierre lighting a ciggie.’

I have. I’m itching to tell her, sometimes. She’s right, nobody’s ever looked hotter smoking, but it’s nothing compared to JP taking his kit off.

I don’t know if my confession would ruin our friendship or fuel Cami’s fantasies.

I don’t know which would be worse.


(c) 2015, Marcy B. Ayanian

I’ve gone all rebel for MFtS this week. Here’s what is supposed to be the first sentence: “As her mount shifted uneasily under her, she grasped the brim of her old felt Stetson, gazed upwards and remembered Jean Pierre.” Find out what less rebellious writers have done with it here.