NEW: SvelteSocialSelf – For Immediate Release

You’re invited to a fantastic bash but your glad rags don’t fit anymore. If only you still had your eighteen year-old self’s figure. Sound familiar?

SvelteSocialSelf Reprod&Storage will give you that self back. SvelteSocialSelf(TM)* is the new old you – grown in a matter of weeks and stored for up to a year (longer storage plans available), SvelteSocialSelf(TM) will copy and learn your mannerisms, turns of phrase and sense of humour through interaction with you. Let SvelteSocialSelf(TM) dazzle the party – you will receive a full report or the night afterwards.

Call SvelteSocialSelf(TM) today and transform your social life.

*patent pending


If you’re wondering how this one came about, it’s been inspired by the tweet below. And then my twisted mind went a bit Never Let Me Go on it, but not without adding its own twist. Can you tell I’m enjoying the revamped version of Writing 101?