Climate Change Denier

sailboat with house in the background
(c) Louise, The Storyteller’s Abode for FFfAW this week

‘Look, mummy, more boats leaving.’

‘That’s nice, dear.’

‘Don’t bother, Pheebs. It’s pointless. Have you packed your crap?’

‘Language, Willow.’

‘Yeah, because that’s going to matter, ladylike language. Phoebe and I’ll leave today, Mum. You coming?’

‘How many times, Willow, there’s no need. We will not be going anywhere.’

‘But the water has risen all week, mummy. Look, I’ve taken notes. Look!’

‘That’s nice, dear. Anyone for a cup of tea?’

‘What are we going to do with her, Willow?’

‘Nothing we can do. She’s free to stay, but I won’t let her kill us with her denial. Bye, Mum.’