All the Wrong Weddings

100 words about a disappointed mother
photo by Josh Felise 

‘Any news?’

Mum pours tea and shoves a plate of biscuits my way. She reckons Coeliac disease is a fad.

‘I’ve landed the celebrity wedding of the decade. I’m working crazy hours, but it’s worth it. They’re spending more on flower arrangements than I’ve spent on my new car.’

Mum tuts – not the news she’s waiting for.

I’ve run my own, thriving business for a decade. But I’m 36. I’ve neither husband nor children. In her eyes, I’m planning all the wrong weddings.

I’ve stopped listening to her long ago. I hope Dad’s back soon so we can talk business.


Inspired by this week’s In Other Words: Remember no one can

29 thoughts on “All the Wrong Weddings

  1. As a florist with Coeliac disease, this made me smile! I’ve met mothers like that. My brother’s ex-mother in law wasn’t interested in having a conversation with me, because I didn’t have kids at that time. I’m not sure she had anything else to talk about.
    Shows the danger of living through your kids too – I must remember this …

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    1. Any celebrity weddings coming up? Sometimes I think I should have been a wedding planner just to watch people having a melt-down over the flower arrangements…

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      1. Ha! Yes, I’ve winessed a couple of meltdowns – mercifully few, though. I know many florists who would rather do funeral work any day than a wedding – stressful stuff. And no, no celebrity weddings, thank goodness. I did used to work for the lady who did Noel Edmund’s wedding flowers, but that was as close as I’ve ever come. Served a few celebs – that’s quite enough 🙂


  2. Interesting your character a definite product of the 20th/21st century where there is often a traditional role reversal. Some woman don’t want kids/husband; they are interested in a successful career. Great write.

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    1. Sorry to hear that, Melinda. I never had my own business, but I used to be in a similar situation, too. It’s annoying when all anyone ever wants to hear about is your relationship status…

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  3. It’s sad that her mom can not just support her and stop thinking about what she wants for her. Her daughter needs to live her own life even if it does not measure up to her mother’s expectations. Great story.

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    1. Thank you, PJ! You’re one of the handful of people who’ve been supportive from the start and I really appreciate all your comments 🙂


    1. Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! Used to be me for a decade, as well. Marriable people aren’t that easy to find, and then, what’s this obsession with marriage anyway…

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