Three Line Tales, Week Six

Welcome to Week Six of Three Line Tales.

TLT week six - people at Tate Modern
photo by Samuel Zeller – click here for full res version 

You’ll find full guidelines on the TLT page – here’s the tl;dr:

  • Write three lines inspired by the photo prompt.
  • Link back to this post.
  • Tag your post with 3LineTales (so we can find you in the Reader).
  • Read and comment on other TLT participants’ lines.
  • Have fun.

Happy three-lining!


79 thoughts on “Three Line Tales, Week Six

  1. I saw Jane Dougherty’s post and would like to join in. Is there a time limit or can I post mine tomorrow morning? I’ll be able to read on my Kindle this evening.

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    1. The only time limit is you have to get your entry in before next week’s goes up. Tomorrow morning is absolutely fine – looking forward to your lines 🙂

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        1. Oh, I love the PR interviews. We had a subscription for a year and the kind of stories they publish aren’t really my cup of tea, but the interviews are fantastic. Will have to check out this one – thanks 🙂

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          1. It’s very heartening to read – he came from quite a lowly background, didn’t like Proust or Joyce and resigned himself to being thought of as genre. And admirable man

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  2. I was concerned when I first saw the image, black and white image of a business meeting? I’ve really enjoyed all the colors of previous weeks images, but then I started seeing the reflections in the polished floor, the view out the window of the dome, buildings…all of a sudden a dozen scenarios, stories popped into my head! I love the challenge and am so appreciative of your hosting! Thank you!

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  3. That’s a great image – my first thought was “What am I going to do with that?” but my second thought, about a second later, was “Eureka!” I hope my story is not too predictable!


    1. I love that you don’t say what the dance is – I know what it is for me, but it could be something else for the next reader. Great lines again! Thanks for participating again 🙂


    1. Hello and welcome aboard – I’m glad you joined in! I’ve added your lines to the round-up, as well. Hope to see you back next week 🙂


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