Downhill From Here

FFfAW week photo prompt (c) Joy Pixley
FFfAW week 83 photo prompt (c) Joy Pixley 

Are we there yet?

Shush. We’re not even close.

No idea how long I’ve been going, it seems like forever already. And there’s no end in sight. All I can see looking down is darkness. I don’t want to turn around, I bet all I’ll see in that direction is darkness, too. Endless black, matching my mood.

Why am I here again?

Getting paid. I suppose we like money.

Oh yes, I like money. Keep thinking of payday. Keep going.

Do we like money that much, though?


I wonder if I’ll ever reach the bright future they promised me.

21 thoughts on “Downhill From Here

    1. Thank you, Iain. Yes, we definitely had similar ideas that went in different directions.

      Did you see my comment on your story, btw? It’s probably been marked as spam like all my other recent comments…

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  1. This is great Sonya. The feeling of being stuck and almost like ‘running the rat race’ and not knowing if you’ll ever get out, succeed and fulfill your dreams. I guess like in your story, there is always hope or ‘payday’ to keep one going. Great write! I’m not sure if your comments are still spamming. I’m going to look at it in my computer today, I couldn’t seem to do anything on my tablet.

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  2. A journey in the dark. That can be both difficult and frightening. That the narrator is annoyed and fatalistic tells me (as a reader) that she (or he) has good control of feelings. And perceptions. Maybe there’ s energy there and temerity to make a change. Engaging story, Sonya!–Christopher


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