TLT: Black isn’t pretty, or so I’m told

three line tales week 44: six macarons
photo by Baher Khairy via Unsplash

One, two: Unless she’s wearing pink, everybody thinks she’s a boy (so what, I’m not dressing her in pink).

Three, four: She’s not bothered, I still get to decide what she wears (green & brown hide grass & mud stains, see).

Five, six: It had better look pretty or she’s not going to wear it (and she’ll be the judge of what is and isn’t pretty).

12 thoughts on “TLT: Black isn’t pretty, or so I’m told

  1. Haha wonderful idea! I have vague recollections of similar happenings with my Mom as a young child. Once she sewed me a very cute dress but in peach and maroon (eighty’s colours I was three or four?) and I absolutely hated it. She got me pretty Mary Janes to go with it and the whole outfit I detested. Also, for the longest time, I wouldnt wear pink. When you’re young and a girl, especially blond haired blue eyed, every relative gets you something pink. I wouldn’t wear it until high school, and by then everyone had gotten the point. Best of luck with your daughter!


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