Drink (Literary Lion)

three lines about doing the honourable thing
photo by Morgan Sessions

The cup sits between us, steaming

innocently, like your bog-standard brew.

Never looking up, he says, ‘Y’know wotcha gotta do.’


Thank you, Literary Lion, for the 25-word limit and the prompt: Drink Me.

Three Line Tales, Week Four: Round-Up

I can’t quite believe I’m typing this, but I got my act together the other day and put up a Three Line Tales page. Have I covered everything? Do you have any questions that need answering?

Now, shall I submit TLT to the WordPress Blogging Events listings? Since you are all part of TLT, I want to know what you think.

We’ve had thirty two submissions this week so far (unless I missed anyone – let me know if I did, I don’t mean to exclude anyone) – late entries are always welcome, though:

Stay fresh!

Full of Surprises

The way Cas put her hand on Jackson’s face – Gwen can’t get it out of her head. She got a good view but couldn’t hear what they said. She can guess, though.

She’s walked in on them during a tender moment before. Gwen pretended she didn’t notice then out of fear of getting the sack. If Cas’s father had any inkling…

‘So, you and Jackson? Didn’t see that coming.’

Cas looks up with a jolt.

‘You noticed.’

‘I don’t give a damn anymore if my nosiness gets me fired.’

Cas, to Gwen’s surprise, grins.

‘About time. We’re tired of hiding.’


Today’s instalment of the Saturday Serial started with the 42 Flash Challenge prompt and led to much more than I can convey in 100 words – let’s just say things really are going to get interesting…

This is Elsinore

100 words about learning to read as an adult
pd photo prompt for FFFPP week 9 

‘Nothing is ever as easy as it looks,’ he says.

‘But you’re making it harder on yourself. Let’s try something less taxing.’

He gives me a look that says he’s going to throw another tantrum unless I stop patronising him. Which won’t help with the reading.

‘Here,’ I say, pushing another book his way. One that’s a bit more appropriate for his level of literacy. He stops me.

‘It’s a children’s book.’

‘If you had to learn how to walk, would you start with running marathons?’

‘I am not a child.’

‘You won’t learn to read by starting with Shakespeare.’

Three Line Tales, Week Four

Welcome to Week Four of Three Line Tales. Come and join our growing writing community.

three line tales week four, photo writing prompt
photo by Alyssa Smith (click here for full res version)

The TLT rules are simple:

  • Take a look at the photo prompt and write three lines to go with it.
  • Your lines can be poetry, micro-fiction, micro non-fiction, quotes you think fit the photo prompt or just a really long caption – everything goes as long as it’s three lines long (you decide how long one line is).
  • A link back to this post would be nice (it’ll make me feel obliged to swing by yours to read your three lines, and some of your readers might want to join in, too – the more, the merrier, right?).
  • Tag your post with 3LineTales – it’ll make it easier for others to find it in the Reader.
  • Use the hashtag #3LineTales on Twitter , #3LineTales on Ello or #3LineTales on Instagram if you’d rather not use your blog or don’t have one.
  • Read other participants’ lines and let them know what you think of their work.
  • If you want, post your three lines here in the comments (I think they’d look much better on your blog, though).
  • If the photo inspires you to write something longer than three lines, put a link in the comments, anyway – but mention you went over, please.
  • Have fun!

Big Sis Failure

100 words about feeling guilty about a brother
(c) Ellespeth’s friend 

They are renovating the building across the road of my local independent coffee shop for months. I hate the sterile, choreographed warmth of Starbucks – not to mention the coffee’s awful unless I pour obesity-inducing levels of sugar in. But watching the builders swing up and down the scaffolding like monkeys, it takes me back. It reminds me I should call my brother – the brother who’s in a wheelchair because I made climb the scaffolding when we were kids and he fell.

Until I can return to my coffee shop without being reminded of my big sis failure, Starbuck it is.


Not my strongest work for FFfAW this week – you’ll find better stories here.